About Us

PREISS FINE ARTS is a unique gallery for fine art photography which presents only the most famous photographers of the world. The comprehensive portfolio of PREISS FINE ARTS shows with the greatest fine art photographers a representative overview about the contemporary fine art scene.  More than 20 of the most sought after photographers of the world like Albert Watson, Michel Comte, SanteD’Orazio, Liu Bolin, Alison Jackson, Ellen von Unwerth, Mark Seliger, Roxanne Lowit, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Arthur Elgort, David Drebin, Nigel Parry, Rankin, Guido Argentini, Howard Schatz, Guy Aroch, Marc Baptiste, Bruno Bisang, Howard Schatz, Terry O´Neill, Bert Stein, Richard Dumas and many more are represented by the gallery.

With the online gallery – an exclusive and additional online presence - Preiss Fine Arts gives the fine art scene a contemporary environment and offers a high-quality platform, which meets the demands of collectors and art-interested people. Each artwork is made and signed by the artist in a strictly limited edition.